Sunday, January 17, 2010

Christmas 2010

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, the Twitchell kids were regaling each other with tales of Christmas's past. The story of Christ's birth was enjoyed by all.Then it was time, to the delight of each child, to open a gift, one for all.

All too soon it was time for goodnight, and all the children were tucked in tight! While visions of gifts to open, danced in their dreams, Santa Claus set out to do his work for the eve.
Christmas morning arrived all too soon,with Shayla and Jaden chattering excitedly to Mom and Dad around 5 am. By 8am Mom and Dad could stall no more, and off the children ran to open their stockings , one and all.

As the children continued their stocking inspection, Mom went to work making a delicious Christmas breakfast feast. Then at last, opening present time arrived! The Children raced into the room tearing off paper and bows and cheered in excitement as each gift was unveiled!

They played and played while mom and Dad wrestled with opening all the various plastic packaging. After a while, it was time to go,off to "Grandma and Grandpa" Taylor's for more! More gifts, more feasts and family with to play, twas a time of rejoicing and memories made!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Happy Holidays!

Once again December is here and it is time to write our annual family newsletter for the Year! What a busy year it has been with the Twitchell's as we just found out in the end of October that we would be relocating to Tacoma again! We just sold our house last week after it was on the market for eight days and we got five offers! We'll be closing on our house in January of 2010.

Andrew is such a happy go lucky boy who is a magnet for markers! He especially enjoys coloring on the freshly painted walls much to his parents dismay! He turned 2 this year and loves playing any kind of sports! He was really upset that Jaden got to play T-ball and he couldn't go out and play with him on the field. He currently loves playing with cars, trains and reading books!

Jaden had a lot of fun playing ponyball this year! He especially liked getting tickets for a treat after the games. Batting the ball was his favorite part! He also had lots of fun with his cousin Evan at Six Flaggs and the State Fair. Evan got him to go on rides that we never thought he'd go on! He is very good at math and can't wait for baseball to startup again!

Shayla has been a busy girl this year! She was elected to her student council, ran cross country and was on the honor roll. She loves to read, cook, play the piano and has begun to crochet! She also started playing the violin and piano this year. She loves crocheting scarfs for everyone!

Meagan has also had a busy year! She was a WEB and Leadership Representative at her school, and was in CJSF. She also has great grades, a 3.71 GPA. She has also read many books, her current read is Gone With the Wind. She is in a disbelief of how a girl could be sooo vain, it annoys the heck out of Meagan. She has also made great friends and is grateful for them. She enjoys writing and has written several short stories.

Tami has had a busy year filled with teaching piano lessons, teaching social skills through music in Jaden's structured class, carpooling the children to all events, scanning in over 700 pages of genealogy, and enjoying her church calling as the education counselor. She was sad to be released but grateful to have the extra time to prepare her family for moving back to Washington.

Larry enjoyed another year of being employed and being with the family since the travel time has gone down. Big year for football as a Steeler fan!!! Tami got him with a surprise “funeral party” when he hit the big 40 this year.....Yeeeeaaahhhh!!! He sold his old cars to pay for renovations on the rental properties, so someday he will be looking the fill the void. Larry has enjoyed being a ward missionary and working with the missionaries. He did research on his family history this year and found out that one of his direct ancestors, Benjamin Hawkins, was in the Mormon Battalion and discovered gold near Folsom Lake, which is not far from where we live.

Merry Christmas to All!


For Thanksgiving this year, we went to Kelly and Linda Taylors for a scrumptious feast! Mike and all of his kids except Jack was there along with Patrick, Stacy and all of us Twitchell's. Poor Jack had just gotten out of the hospital recovering from who knows what. Apparently something got his blood sugars out of whack but it isn't diabetes.
Andrew was just a cutie patootie and enjoyed sitting at the table instead of the high chair! It was a great day to be with family !

Happy Halloween

Andrew was a cute doggie for Halloween! He had fun at the trunk or treat espcially eating all the yummy doughnuts and climbing up and down the stairs. The next night he went trick or treating around the neighborhood and fell asleep in the wagon. All that candy collecting was exhausting work!
Meagan was Abbey Sciuto from NCIS. We had fun dying her hair black and dressing her up!
Shayla decided to be a lady in waiting. but she also had magical powers!
Jaden at first wanted to be a police officer and then changed his mind and had to be a ghost. At least I had an old white sheet with holes!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Larry's Over the Hill Party!

Larry Hit the big 40 this year and Tami got him with a surprise over the hill party! We had yummy Ham with Funeral potatoes , salad and rolls! John Taylor was an honorary pallbearer and brought the Cake to the table so we could sing Happy Birthday and bid adieu to Larry's Youth!

Shayla and Jaden had fun helping me decorate the house, while Meagan was on a mission--taking Daddy out on a Daddy /daughter movie date so we could prep the house! Mission Accomplished!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Meagan's Birthday Bash!

For Meagan's Birthday she enjoyed her annual "Better Than Anything" Cake and making Haunted Houses out of gingerbread and candy!

Here's Meagan and her friends making the houses. The girls had lots of creativity with them. Regan even made a cool abstract one. The neat thing because they were supposed to be "haunted houses", the girls had fun making the roofs and sides crooked etc. They even stuffed the houses full of marshmellow ghosts and candy worms etc.

Afterwards they had fun opening presents and just hanging out!

Here's Meagan and Regan!

Here's Kaitlyn and Meagan!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shayla's Joined Cross Country Team

Shayla joined the cross country team at Rock Creek and competed for the 4th grade girls team. Here are some photos and videos of her events.

Shayla has really enjoyed running and hopes to someday get a medal. She also is busy with being on her School Student council, violin lessons and piano.